Bodyfuelz Glutamaxxx

  • Bodyfuelz Glutamaxxx
  • Pure Crystalline Glutamine Granules
  • Unique Mouth dissolving formula
  • Lemon Flavoured

Walking into the gym, the first thing that you do is to look in the mirror. Here your muscles either make you look good or make you look sad. Either way, you need to know about muscles and the secrets of building stronger and bigger muscles.

Human muscle protein consists of 60% Glutamine, 30% BCCA's and 10% Lysine, Arginine. Hence the logic is simple!

The more Glutamine you supply to your muscles, the more muscle growth you will get. Consumption of Glutamine at the right time in the right dosage will enhance your Muscular fitness.

BODYFUELZ GLUTAMAXXX is a pure crystalline form of L-Glutamine granules in mouth dissolving formula. GLUTAMAXXX works on enhancing the blood pool of glutamine, thereby increasing the synthesis of muscles.

Unlike other Glutamine supplements available in the market (tasteless and chalky powder that is difficult to dissolve, leave alone swallow), BODYFUELZ GLUTAMAXXX has a refreshing Lemon flavour that dissolves instantly in your mouth. You can mix it in juice or water and it will refresh you instantly.

BODYFUELZ GLUTAMAXXX is a wonderful post work out drink, and you can even consume it in early morning on an empty stomach. For BEST RESULTS combine and consume GLUTAMAXXX along with BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX.

Online lab reports from NABL accredited labs for every product.

Why should I take Glutamaxxx?

Glutamax contains glutamine which helps to prevent muscle breakdown and helps in faster recovery. It also helps to improve the immunity.

How does this improve my immunity?

Glutamine helps to regulate immunity by regulating the production of antibodies that fight against diseases and this in turn helps to improve your immunity.

Is this product a good post work out drink?

Glutamax helps to prevent breakdown of muscle post exercise and helps to recover faster which makes it an ideal post workout drink.

Is Glutamax helpful for leaky guts?

Yes, it contains Glutamine which is the major source of fuel for the cells in the small intestine and will heal leaky guts and help improve digestion.

Is this product vegetarian? How should I consume this product?

Yes, it is 100% vegetarian. Add 1 scoop of the product to 1 glass of water or juice and mix well. Consume it 2-3 times a day.

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