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Common Food Myths Busted

All of us have been advised by friends or family on what to eat and what is healthy but how true are they? Are the foods that claim to be good, really good or are they bad for you? Here are some common food myths that you hear:

1. Low fat and Low sugar foods are good for you

Actually they aren’t really good for you because Low fat foods have sugar or sodium hidden in them. Similarly diabetic friendly or low sugar foods tend to be higher in fat to make up for the taste. These foods are highly processed and contain a lot of preservatives. It would be best if you check the nutrition label of the product before buying any product.

2. Brown bread is better than white bread

White bread is most common and found easily in the market. White bread is made of refined flour or what we call as maida. Brown bread isn’t really healthier because it is just white bread with some added colour. If you are looking for a better option, do look for whole wheat bread and check the ingredients to know what it contains. 

3. Warm water and honey on an empty stomach helps lose weight

The biggest myth of all! A lot of people consume warm water with honey and have it early morning on an empty stomach. Little do they know that it does not help to lose weight. It is extremely beneficial to the body – cleanses the liver, boosts metabolism and even helps with regular bowel movements. Sip on this for its benefits. 

4. Nuts are equivalent to junk food

They are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals but remember not to overindulge and keep your serving size to a handful. Several studies have found that people who include nuts in the diet are less likely to have heart disease. So try and include a variety of nuts in your diet but remember to have only a handful a day. 

5. Eggs are bad for the heart and increases cholesterol

Yes, eggs do contains some amount of cholesterol in them but they cannot be branded as bad for the heart. Epidemiological studies have shown that healthy people can take one egg a day. Avoid foods that contain a lot of saturated fats or trans fat as they are harmful aid in increasing cholesterol levels. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and vitamins! 

6. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are less nutritious

Most of us believe that canned or frozen products lose their nutritional value due to its processing. Contrary to popular belief, they actually retain the vitamins and minerals and some are even enriched or fortified with vitamins to make up for the losses during processing and storage.

With these food myths busted, your diet must be easier to plan. To get a free diet plan, drop a mail to nutritionist@bodyfuelz.com or call 1800 120 450000 for free diet counselling.

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