Ways to Put on Healthy Weight

A individual who is underweight may need to put on weight. It may also be necessary for someone who has a goal to build their muscles.

In particular, weight gain will lead from consuming more calories than body burns. The calorie consumption  needed  to  accomplish this will differ from individual to individual.

Usually it is adequate to consume 300 to 500 calories more than body  burns  on  a  daily  basis for  constant  weight  gain. An  individual may need to eat up to 1,000 calories more per day for faster weight gain.

Many individuals estimate the amount of calories they eat every day inaccurately. Keeping track of  daily  calorie  intake  over  a  period of 2-3 weeks may be helpful.  This can assist an individual to know how to modify their diet  in  order to gain enough weight.

Some simple tips for Healthy Weight Gain..

Consume complex carbohydrates (fibrous) and healthy fats: The  inclusion  of  complex  carbohydrates  and    healthy  fats  in each meal will assist to boost the amount of calories and nutrients in the diet.

Including these foods serve as a good source of energy. Especially when following a regular pattern of exercise or for supporting muscle development. The key is to choose whole food carbohydrates rather than refined or processed food choices.

Saturated fats and trans fats are unhealthy fats. A healthy diet should restrict saturated  fats  and  prevent  the  addition of trans  fats.  These  kinds of fats are  observed in fried and baked ingredients and fatty meats  such as beef, pork  and lamb. 

To take in enough amount of Protein rich foods

A diet rich in protein will help in overall good health, support muscle growth and muscle recovery. With essential workout, consumption of 0.8-2.0 grams of protein per kg body weight will help in muscle development and mass. This is essential in healthy weight gain.

Consumption of 4-5 meals a day

Eating at least three meals a day can make calorie consumption simpler to boost. Snacking between meals can also increase the amount of calories uptake.

Workout/Essential weight training...

To continue to gain lean body mass, an individual will need to change and create their workouts by either raising the weight they lift or the amount of reps or sets. Weight training is crucial for good weight gain at least three  times a week. This will One way to efficiently build and support muscle growth is to adopt Compound movements. This includes weight lifting, deadlifts, squats and bench presses.

People who frequently work out have to pay attention to their calorie consumption to  guarantee  they  provide  enough  fuel  for  their body.

Can consume Smoothies or Shakes of high calories...

A high-calorie  shake  or  smoothie  may  be  more  beneficial  to  people  with  decreased appetite than taking large meals. These provide calories  that  are  dense  in nutrients and are easy to consume. Examples include yogurt, nuts, seeds, milk, fruits and nut butter.


Vegetables in Diet:

Vegetables are a vital source of vitamins and minerals. They are filling, but have low calorie content. Excluding vegetables from diet is NOT a good idea for the purpose of weight gain. Infact excluding vegetables can lead to loss of certain essential vitamins and minerals, thereby leading to weakness.

Essential Exercise/Workout

Few individuals quit doing some workout/exercise in the process of weight gaining. Those include cardiovascular exercises. These workouts are essential to be continued to maintain healthy lungs and heart. Swimming, Running, Cycling, Jogging are good examples of cardiovascular exercises.

Do not Give up too fast

Patience and determination is required for safe  and healthy weight gain. Results cannot always  be seen  immediately.  Everyone is different and for some  people it  may take longer than for others.


Health and fitness experts provide motivation and helpful guidance to promote good and healthy weight gain. Also, they can help to ensure that a person is gaining weight safely. Hence, seek their assistance when in doubt.

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