Symptoms of B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin. It is also called as METHYLCOBALAMIN. B12 Vitamin is crucial to the human body. It helps in energy production and to produce new DNA, red blood cells, proteins and hormones. Vitamin B12 also plays a very important role in maintaining good health of nerve function.

If there are insufficient or lack of Vitamin B12 in our body it can lead to certain symptoms. These symptoms include:

You get Chillness more often.... 

If B12 levels are low, it may lead to less number of red blood cells causing decreased amount of oxygen supply in the body. This can let your hands and feet feel shivering and cold. Reduction in any red blood cells can lead to Anaemia.

Tired, Dullness or Weakness 

You may also feel tired or lightheaded. Your muscles may feel like it is lacking power.  Your doctor may be  able to check and verify how much of Vitamin  B12 level is in your body,  but  not  all  of  it  may  be  useful.  Therefore, it is essential  to  pay  attention  to  any  signs of abnormality in our body  that  may  develop  slowly  or  appear faster.

Blisters/Sores in Mouth 

These sores can be an indication of low vitamin B12 levels.  Sores generally clear up by themselves, but it is advisable to keep away from vinegar, citrus and warm spices like chilli powder to avoid further irritations to these sores.


Numbness refers to the tinkering feeling in our hands, feet or legs as if they are been pricked on by pins or needles. This feeling can occur when there is a shortage of Vitamin B12, which helps in providing a protective sheath around our nerves. Hence Vitamin B12 supplementation is necessary, especially in some disease conditions like Celiac, Crohn’s or other gut illnesses that can decrease the Vitamin B12 content in our body.

Intellectual Capacity Reduced 

Depression, Dementia, Confusion and Memory problems can be associated with low levels or lack of Vitamin B12. These problems can also affect our body balance. Doctors recommended 2.4 micrograms a day for Adults of Vitamin B12. Although our body excretes excess B12 through urine,  certain  side  effects  like headache, nausea and vomiting may occur in rare circumstances.

Glossy or Smooth Tongue 

Smooth tongue in medical terms is called as Atrophic Glossitis. That is, tiny bumps called as papillae start to occur in our tongue surface and waste away. This, as a result makes our tongue appear kind of smooth and glossy. Lack of Vitamin B12, infections, certain medications can also lead to this condition. Therefore Supplementation of Vitamin B12 is important.

Vegans & Vegetarians Beware 

Strict Vegetarians or vegans who do not consume any animal related products are under the danger of decreased levels of Vitamin B12. B12 deficiency  is  uncommon,  as  our  body can store the supply of this vitamin for several years when animal products are consumed. However, there is no B12 in plants. Hence it is necessary that strict vegetarians should add some fortified breads, cereals or crackers containing VitaminB12 or consumption of Multivitamin containing good amounts of B12.

There may be many more symptoms that can be associated with lack of Vitamin B12. Hence it is recommended to take a diet rich of Vitamin B12 or a Supplement composed of Vitamin B12. If you’re looking for Vitamin B12 supplementation, you can try BODYFUELZ VITAMINO. In addition to Vitamin B12 it also consists of Essential Amino acids, Vitamins and Minerals. 

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