Retaining Muscle with Age

Are you in your mid 30’s or 40’s? Do you feel tired often? Here’s why...

As you age, your muscle starts to break down due to hormonal changes and lack of protein in the diet. Sarcopenia is the term used to describe the decline of skeletal muscle with age. A study conducted by Springer Science found that loss in muscle mass can increase the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and weight gain.

Less muscle leads to:

Role of Hormones

It must be noted that as you age, your hormone level goes down. In the case of men, testosterone declines with age and that could be the main reason behind the loss of muscle mass. With women, Menopause reduces the hormones produced by the ovaries and this has a direct effect on Sarcopenia. Muscle performance is said to be impaired during the Post menopausal period.

Protein Power

As you age, the amount of protein your body requires increases. Most of the Indian diets are deficient in protein and rich in carbohydrates. Try and include these foods in your diet:

If you are unable to fulfil your protein requirements through your diet, you can have supplements. Go for whey protein supplements to fulfil your daily needs!

How to combat Sarcopenia?

1. Exercise

Exercise is said to improve aging and muscle loss in young and old people. It helps to improve muscle synthesis and strength by improving your lifestyle. Ensure you exercise 3-4 times a week!

2. Increase Protein

Good amounts of protein in your diet can help you beat Sarcopenia. Adults need 0.8-1g of protein per kg of body weight every day. Include protein rich foods from the list mentioned above or take supplements.

3. Omega 3

Studies show that omega 3 fats increases muscle synthesis in the body. Include lots of oily fish and walnuts in your diet. Omega 3 fats are also good for the heart and reduces inflammation.

As you age, it becomes more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Good amounts of protein in your diet can help combat muscle loss and improve wellness!

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