New Year Diet Resolution

After the season of indulging in food from Christmas all the way till New Year, you have decided to start eating right. So don’t try and follow strict diets and regimes which are impossible to keep up with. Take small steps. Here are 4 goals which you can easily achieve:


Be slow and gradual when it comes to altering your diet. Make healthier food choices.Are you looking to lower calories? Start by altering one meal and include more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Are you looking to lower your fat intake? Avoid having outside food often. Opt for baked foods over fried foods. Start by taking small steps to reach your goal! 


Remember to hydrate yourself by drinking enough water throughout the day. Your body can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger and this might make you eat more than what is required. You don’t have to drink 3-4 litres a day. Take small sips of water every hour. Drink whenever you feel thirsty.

New Year Diet Resolution


Colourful fruits and vegetables are power packed with nutrients and antioxidants that boost your immunity and keep diseases at bay. Allot a day for each colour. For example red for Mondays – include apple, tomato, red bell pepper, pomegranate, watermelon, beetroot, etc. Similarly try and cover yellow, green and orange a day respectively. 


Tackle unnecessary munching. Try your best not to eat while watching movies o watching TV because you tend to overeat during these periods. Have fruits and nuts as snacks in place of chips. Have fresh fruit juice in place of sodas. Go for healthier snack alternatives. Have yoghurt if you are craving to eat sweets. Small changes go a long way.

Remember to alter your lifestyle and diet little by little than to change it drastically. Follow these simple resolutions and take small steps and head for a healthier 2018!

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