Importance of Micronutrients in Athletes

While most people care about their fat, protein, carbohydrates or their macronutrients,they often overlook the use of their micronutrients that is Vitamins and Minerals in foods. "For energy metabolism, oxygen transfer and tissue repair, Micronutrients are the key for maintenance
Although all the Vitamins and minerals are important for good health, few are essential and much needed in athletes especially. 
Here are lists of Micronutrients that are crucial and help in optimising the performance as well as provide other benefits in Athletes.


All B vitamins are involved in the production of energy (especially Thiamine, Niacin and Vitamin B6). They are also involved together in other major roles in the body. These include break down of carbohydrates into glucose for energy, take part in Neuromuscular function, proper immune function and help process fat and protein.

B12 stands out from the family of  B vitamins for  its  function  in   the  manufacturing  of  red  blood  cells  and  the synthesis of DNA.

Given the fact that red blood cells remove carbon dioxide from our body and carry oxygen, it is particularly important that endurance athletes maintain their vitamin B12 levels high.


Vitamin D and Calcium are both very important for maintaining good Bone health. Although Calcium is the main mineral for Bone health, making our bones stronger and working as an anti-inflammatory, Vitamin D is important for the absorption of Calcium. Vitamin D is found to be shockingly less in outdoor Athletes, although it is generally assumed that they get enough from Sunlight. Hence, it is essential to take natural or/and fortified Vitamin D food products.


Vitamin C is a major immunity booster, and research published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise has shown that long-lasting exercise at a moderate intensity decreases immunity. Incorporate a few health-boosting foods into your diet to improve your ability to fight off sickness.


Well-known for its role in vision, vitamin A also may act as an antioxidant, particularly during endurance training.


Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to muscles, which is critical for improved endurance. Research shows that regular endurance training leads to a greater daily loss of iron, making deficiencies common among the highly active. To combat this rapid loss, the Food and Nutrition Board suggests a 30 percent increase in iron intake for people who exercise intensely on a regular basis.


Sodium and Potassium are two major electrolytes that help maintain cell membrane’s potential. In other words we can say that these two minerals play a very big role for proper heart function, muscle contraction and communication between nerves. The fluid balance in the body is maintained by the help of these two Micronutrients. During exercise, there is a tendency to lose electrolytes through sweat especially during long lasting training sessions/Strenuous exercises. Excessive sweat loss can lead to fatigue and muscle cramping. With proper hydration techniques, Sodium and Potassium can be replenished and other side effects like dehydration can be avoided. A sports drink may be appropriate if you are losing a lot of fluids.

BODYFUELZ SPORTS DRINK-FASTCHARGE can be taken to Rehydrate, Refuel and Replenish the lost electrolytes. 


Magnesium plays an essential role in nerve and muscle function and is also involved in the function of heart contraction. It assists in protein, fat, carbohydrate synthesis and electrolyte balance. When Magnesium level becomes low in the cells, the muscles and nerves can become stressed, causing cramping or restless legs.

Micronutrients play a central part in metabolism and in the maintenance of all body’s function. An adequate intake therefore is necessary.

Athletes who train strenuously for competition have greater nutritional needs than sedentary people. Adequate nutrients can mean quicker recovery time, lower infection rates, less fatigue, and ultimately can help athletes reach their desired performance levels.

For some people having trouble in digesting certain food items for various reasons, will pose a major challenge in intake of these important micronutrients, especially when depending upon natural food groups. 

Hence, for better reach of all the essential Micronutrients, one can use BODYFUELZ VITAMINO. It contains Essential Amino acids ina dditionto Vitamins and Minerals.

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