Glutamine.. Explained!

Glutamine is an amino acid which has various vital functions in our body. It is found to be the most abundantly produced amino acid in our body due to its varied vital functions like brain activity, cell division, gastrointestinal health, kidney function, metabolism, muscle health, immunity etc. But glutamine is categorized as a conditionally essential amino acid which means, although the body produces sufficient amounts of glutamine for daily functions, the requirement for glutamine may increase based on factors like intense exercise, stress, injury, etc., making it necessary to acquire glutamine from external sources.

The following are some functions of glutamine which makes it extra important for body builders and sports enthusiasts;

1. Glutamine and Immunity :

Glutamine helps in immune function by providing energy to immune cells (Lymphocytes and Macrophages) which will help these cells to fight against infection. So when the body does not have enough glutamine the function of these protective cells is affected, causing the individual get sick.

2. Glutamine and growth hormone levels:

Glutamine helps in increasing the Growth hormone (GH) production by the pituitary gland in the brain. GH has essential functions like synthesis of proteins, increasing lean muscle, production of energy from breakdown of fats and also has multiple other metabolic actions on liver, bone, muscle etc.

3. Glutamine and Muscle:

Glutamine helps in increasing muscle protein synthesis, reduces muscle breakdown (Anti-catabolic activity) improves muscle hydration and it also aids in muscle recovery process after an intense workout session.

4. Other functions of Glutamine:

Glutamine helps in the transmission of nerve impulses, enhances cells growth, maintains acid-base balance, potent anti-oxidant and prevention of cancer, helps in wound healing and facilitates healing of ulcers.

So why is Glutamine extra important for bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts?

Intense workouts undertaken by bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts, causes blood glutamine levels to fall, and it can take upto 5 days to be replaced. Therefore, it is very important that body builders and sports enthusiasts take adequate glutamine.

There are food sources through which you can get Glutamine which includes

Wheat, beans
Chicken, beef, fish and pork.
Milk, cheese.
Spinach, cabbage, parsley
Protein isolates
But unfortunately some amino acids are lost during cooking, making it unavailable for absorption by the body. Therefore it becomes a lot more important for any one undertaking intense exercise to take glutamine supplements for replenishing the glutamine, that is lost as a result of the activity.
So what can be for the body to get Glutamine?

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Glutamaxxx provides just the right amount of glutamine that you will need to replenish the lost stores as a result of the intense activity and also help in providing an additional supply of glutamine for increasing muscle strength, improving immunity, promoting post exercise recovery etc,.

So get into the Maxx mode with Glutamaxxx!!!!

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