Finished your workout? Are you confused about what to eat?

What is the ideal post workout food? To know that one must understand Post-workout nutrition

So what is Post workout nutrition?

It refers to the food consumed right after your workout session. It can be had within 3 hours after your workout. It gives your body the right nutrients to help recovery. The major role of a post workout food is to:

  • Replenish the glycogen stores lost during workout
  • Reduce the breakdown of protein in the body
  • Repair any muscle damage that occurred during workout

What does your body need post workout?

Similar to pre-workout, a combination of carbohydrates and protein should be taken and the protein requirement is higher when compared to that of pre-workout. The reason behind this is to stop the muscle breakdown in the body and protein helps to repair any damage that has occurred during the workout.

The best post workout food hands down is whey protein. Studies have proven that liquids are absorbed faster by the body which makes protein shake the ideal food after workouts.

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