All You Need To Know About Midnight Snacking

If you are someone who stays up late night or work late shifts, you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about mid night snacking!

Research states that when late night cravings hit, it’s a sign from the body that you need sleep. If you can’t sleep right away or have to finish watching your favourite TV series, you can always snack healthy and avoid gaining weight.

Late night snacking isn’t a good idea

There hasn’t been a lot study done in this area but most researchers believe that the body’s metabolism is active during the day and becomes slow at night. A lot of people tend to binge on high fat foods during the wee hours of the night so try and avoid late night snacking if you are unable to do so, choose healthier snacking options. Here are some ideas for you to try and eat healthy late night!

  • Milkshake/smoothie

A milkshake or a smoothie can provide you with protein, calcium and vitamins. So add your favourite fruit to milk or yoghurt and enjoy it.

  • Omelette with veggies

This will pack you up with amino acids and vitamins. It is low in carbs and tastes absolutely yummy!

  • Whole wheat sandwich

Add some vegetables or egg or paneer and whip up an amazing sandwich which will give you a good dose of nutrients

  • Multi grain or whole wheat breakfast cereals with milk

This is easy and simple and requires less work. Make sure you choose a good cereal which isn’t loaded with sugar

  • Banana and peanut butter

A classic combination which is easy, tasty and absolutely nutritious

  • Dry fruits and nuts

Loaded with good fats and fiber, this is one of the best options but limit yourself to a handful!

Try and avoid staying up late as much as possible as it can disturb your sleep wake cycle (Circadian rhythm). If you are working night shifts and need something to keep you going, you can try and have whey protein shakes to keep you full and healthy!

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