5 ways to boost up metabolism to lose fat quickly!

Struggling to lose weight even after crash diets and regular workouts? Most of the people in India are suffering from obesity and even after desperate attempts to lose weight all the efforts sink into oblivion.

If you are one of those quick gainers, you should make sure to speed up the rate of your metabolism. In a bid to lose extra pounds from your waist, your metabolism should be high. To rev up your metabolism make sure that you fuel yourself with the right kind of foods and a carefully planned workout plan.

1. Increase protein intake at every meal

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Eating high protein diet can increase your metabolic rate by 15-30%.  It’s due to the reason that proteins are hard to digest by body and needs extra calories to absorb and process the nutrients in your meal.

2. Drinking water before meals

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People who tend to drink water before meals shows a better metabolic rate than people who drink less water. Staying hydrated  keeps you energized throughout the day. Drinking cold water will help you further with metabolic rate as your body uses energy to heat the water up to your body temperature.

3. High-Intensity Workout and Interval training

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Workouts with sudden bursts of activities burn more fat by increasing metabolic rate. By mixing your exercise routine with High intensity interval training you can fire up your metabolism and lose more fat easily.

4. Add some Fish Oils in your Diet

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Regular exercise and adding fish oil to your diet increases the activities of fat burning enzymes in your body. Make sure to pop a couple of fish oil capsules few hours before your workout for a higher metabolic rate.

5. Add some spice in your life

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Adding chilli pepper and green chilli can zoom your metabolism as they contain capsaicin which give a temporary boost to your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

Hope that you will add these simple life hacks to achieve your fitness goals. If you have any query you can contact our nutritionist here and we can help you with your nutrition and diet.

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