4 Simple Tips for Weight Loss

Do you want to loss the weight

But does a Weight loss program seem more like a punishment??

Well, here are some tips for you to start off your weight loss journey!!!

And it’s not as difficult as it is made to look like or you think it is,

You can enjoy your journey to weight loss if you just make up your mind about it and start with taking those small steps towards better health. A study proved that people who were more determined and motivated to lose weight had better outcomes than their counter parts, So first, Make up your mind that you want to lose weight, and keep yourself motivated, you almost succeed the challenge if you win over your mind!

The next most important step is to shun the “Dieting” urge and start with making permanent changes to your diet and lifestyle habits. This starts with changing your food and activity patterns which has to be continued for the rest of your life,and doesn’t apply just till the time you lose weight, So make changes based on your likes and preferences, that’ll help you stay motivated and continue it for the rest of your life!

Now, Get to learn about the few changes you would have to make to kick start your weight loss journey!

1. Eat Right!

Well this is probably the most crucial part of your way to losing weight. The type of food you chose can either help you lose weight or just make you gain more.. So chose your food wisely, that doesn’t mean you will have to starve! That’s the craziest notion about losing weight. A healthy way to weight loss starts by making changes in the type and quantity of food you take and when that changes you will realise that you might actually eat a lot more than you expected you would in order to lose weight.

A) Increase your fibre intake by consuming whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables. Several studies have proved the beneficial effects of higher fibre intake and its effect on reducing weight and cholesterol levels. So its time to go the complex way and let go off those simple carbs(sugar, sweets, rice, refined flour, potatoes).

B) Stay away from junk, fast and fried foods. These are calorie dense and the worst enemies for anyone who’s trying to lose weight or stay healthy.

C) Say yes to protein! Proteins are the body’s best friend because everything in our body is made of it. So try to consume more of proteins in the form of lean meats, milk and milk products, beans, soy and nuts.  

2. Exercise your way into those awesome clothes!

This really is quite obvious, if you’re looking for a safe way to lose weight and ultimately keep the bad weight off; Start exercising. Studies suggest, 45 – 60 minutes of aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling have found to be beneficial in losing weight. Indulging in weight lifting and other forms of strength training will further help in burning fat and therefore promote more weight loss.

3. Get adequate sleep

Sleep is probably the most neglected part of weight loss. Several studies have linked the incidence and risk of obesity with inadequate sleep therefore it is very important for you to get adequate sleep, so let go of the things that’s holding you back and try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Start gifting your body with the rest that it needs!

4. Keep yourself hydrated

Water makes upto 55-60% of the total body weight and has various vital functions in the body, but essentially it can also help in making you eat less and detoxifying your body each day. Studies have also found that replacing high caloric beverages with water had greater weight loss outcomes among people trying to lose weight. So try to consume water as often as possible and more importantly before your meals which can be an easy way of controlling your food intake.

The bottom line is choose healthy foods rich in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, Exercise regularly, sleep well and hydrate yourself with adequate water and fluids.
So what are you waiting for?
Challenge yourself to start losing weight now!!
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